Airline Ticket Services

As a full-service travel agency, Wander & Bloom Travel can research, price, and confirm airline tickets for most domestic and international airline carriers through a global distribution system (GDS) reservation system, often with inside availability to the carrier. We are also able to confirm seat assignments for most flights, depending on the class of service reserved for tickets. 

Domestic US Tickets

We are able to ticket most major domestic US carriers including Jet Blue and Southwest Air.

International Tickets

We are able to ticket most major international carriers.

Things to Know When Booking With Wander & Bloom

  • Ticket fees include quotes for four different routes/times.  Further quotes incur additional fees. Ticket fees are charged regardless of whether you book tickets with Wander & Bloom Travel.   
  • Through our partnership with Frosch we are able to offer discounts for certain trans-Atlantic and international routes, including discounted business and first class tickets. 
  • All Airline reservations held for a passenger must be ticketed within 24 hours of hold. 
  • Unless noted, all airline tickets are non-refundable once ticketed and will incur airline and travel agency change fees.  
  • We do everything in our power to secure preferred seat assignment, but seats are not guaranteed. Seats can be changed at any time by the airline.  We do have an awesome seat checker that will monitor seats and rebook seats if your preferred seat type becomes available. 
  • Airline rates are not guaranteed until final ticketing. 
  • All airline tickets are confirmed as electronic tickets.  
  • Domestic US airline tickets must match government photo ID exactly. 
  • International airline tickets must match passport name exactly; thus, we ask for a photo copy of all passports before ticketing.  
  • All credit card transactions are pre-authorized/validated for verification.


The following fees apply for all airline tickets through Wander & Bloom Travel:


  • Basic domestic United States ticket:  $15 per person/ticket (good for four quotes) 
  • Basic international ticket:  $50-75 per person/ticket(good for four quotes). 
  • Multi-city domestic US ticket:  Starting at $35 per person/ticket.
  • Multi-city international ticket: Starting at $60 per person/ticket. 
Change Fees
  • Changes prior to ticketing: None
  • Confirmed domestic US nonrefundable ticket:  $10 + airline change fee.
  • Confirmed international nonrefundable ticket:  $15 + airline change fee

Types of Airline Service

  • Basic Economy:  Basic airline accommodations, usually without a seat assignment and/or free checked baggage.  Some airlines also limit and/or charge for carry-on baggage. Usually non-refundable/non-changeable.  
  • Economy/Main Cabin/Coach:  Basic airline accommodations, usually with a seat assignment. Premium seat assignments and checked baggage is an additional charge. Usually non-refundable/non-changeable.  *Note: You will still pay extra for premium (front of plane + exit row) seating.  
  • Premium Economy:  Larger main cabin seat with confirmed premium seat assignment.  There may still be a fee for checked baggage. Usually non-refundable/non-changeable. (A step below business, usually front of plane.)  
  • Business Class:  Separate premium accommodations available on some domestic and international flights.  Most airlines have done away with business class but are still available on some airlines.  Business-class may be non-refundable but changeable with a fee.   
  • First Class: Separate premium accommodations on domestic and international flights with confirmed seating.  1-2 Checked bags may be included, as well as meals.  Discount first class may be non-refundable but changeable with a fee.  Full fare first class is refundable/changeable.  

Other Airline Fees

  • Seating: Basic economy does not include a seat assignment.  Seating is assigned at airport check-in.  Main cabin/coach includes a basic seat assignment (usually toward the back of the plane); there is an additional charge for premium seats (front of cabin, bulkhead, exit row, etc.) Fees for premium seating can range from $12 – 100. 
  • Checked baggage fees:  Most airlines charge $25-35 for the first checked bag; $50 – 60 for second bag.  Fees for additional bags.  Use this guide to check baggage fees for individual carrier. 
  • Wi-Fi Service:  Some airlines charge a fee for in-flight Wi-Fi service.  
  • Meals:  Most flights include complimentary water, soft drinks, coffee, and tea.  Some flights may include pretzels, peanuts, or cookies.  Meals, including sandwiches, salads, and fruit/cheese trays are available for an additional charge.  Business and first class service usually includes complimentary premium dining including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, snack, entrée, and dessert.  Special meal requests (vegetarian, vegan, no dairy, etc.) can be requested for business and first class service.  
  • In-Flight Entertainment:  Some airlines charge a fee for in-flight entertainment, but most airlines offer basic videos and music for free now. 
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